Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer Sydney

Fat Transfer Sydney

As we grow older the volume in our face starts to decrease, causing wrinkles and hollowness in the face. Fat Transfer Surgery is an ideal treatment for restoring the ageing face or to treat patients who have lost volume in their face due to stress, age or weight loss. Our surgeons were amongst the first to begin practicing this procedure and have perfected the technique to ensure your desired result.

A fat transfer is ideal for any part of the body that is lacking volume, whether it be from aging, illness or any other factor. The most commonly treated area is the buttocks which, once the fat has been transferred into, provides a more balanced and curvy shape. Fat can also be transferred into the breasts to give them a fuller shape, this can also be done with breast implants. If you wish to have a full and younger-looking facial appearance, then fat can be transferred into the apples of the cheeks. It can also be used to fill deep facial wrinkles.

Fat transfer requires the removal of fat from somewhere on the body, commonly taken from the love handles (hips), outer thighs or tummy, (usually from an area you normally find it hard to lose from). The amount is usually 25-30mls, which is enough for the first procedure and your top-up (if required). It is removed as a thin layer over an area approximately the size of your hand so you will not be left with any visible ‘indent’ or ‘hole.’ After the fat is prepared, a small amount, (3-10 mls) is injected into the areas to be treated.

The recovery time after a fat transfer is variable. We advise you to expect swelling for at least 24hrs, however some swelling can take up to 7 days or longer to resolve. You may have some slight bruising on the face, and you will have bruising from the donor site, which can be uncomfortable.

There is no bandaging required. Patients are advised to sleep on their back for the first couple of days to allow the fat to settle. The area will feel hard and tender for a few days but this will generally resolve itself over the next 7 – 14 days.

Although thousands of people undergo fat transfer treatments each year and experience no major complications, all surgical cosmetic procedures do carry some degree of risk. It is important you are well informed of these risks when considering a fat transfer.

The discussion of potential risks and complications is one of the most important aspects of patient consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss these potential complications with you, listen to your safety questions, and offer recommendations on how to minimise your chance of risk.

New techniques have resulted in long lasting results of fat transfer.

The two factors to consider in ensuring long lasting results are: Where the fat is being transferred to, and also the technique being used. When used in the cheek area or lower face the volume can last up to 3 years or longer in some cases. A second application can be required as some initial volume will be lost in the following months.

It is important to understand that smoking will possibly reduce the longevity of the fat transfer.


Yes, you may transfer fat to most areas of the body to improve its contour or any other irregularities. Another common area for fat transfer is to the hands and elbows, which are a telltale sign of your age. The fat transfer will smooth and soften ageing lines and veins. It is also used for patients who have had liposculpture with an inexperienced doctor and may have dents on their abdomen or legs. We can use fat transfer to correct this.

When there is a significant loss in volume to the face, fat transfer is a cost effective and relatively simple procedure able to rectify this. It has the benefit of being able to access as much volume as is required and because it is the patient’s own tissue, there will never be issues of sensitivities or allergic reactions. This is also an important issue for those opposed to ‘foreign substances’ such as fillers, in their bodies.

A Fat Transfer procedure starts at 4,500.

As we age, we lose the fullness in our faces causing wrinkles. Fat transfer is a favoured remedy to help fill and rejuvenate not only the face but many other areas that are affected by volume loss brought on by age. Fat is harvested from a donor site on your own body and then injected into the area in need of a transfer. Once healed, these areas will look younger and fuller with effects lasting up to 3 years.

Fat transfer is ideal because it uses your body’s own fat to plump up areas that need it. This means that there is less of a chance of allergic reaction or sensitivity issues because there are no foreign substances being introduced into your body. The results are also more natural looking and long-lasting though this treatment is not without its own set of cons. Fat transfer is time consuming due to the need to harvest fat from other areas of the body. It is also more expensive than temporary dermal fillers, so it is up to you to decide if this is the right treatment for you

Unfortunately smoking is one of those all-round bad habits with zero benefits to the human body. It is our recommendation that you quit smoking before coming in to receive a fat transfer because not only does smoking prolong recovery time but it also makes it harder to find a suitable donor position on your body. Worse than that though, is the fact that smoking will dramatically decrease the longevity of your procedure, almost nullifying the time and money spent on revitalising your face. So in short, kick the habit and embrace your new, younger face!