Factor 4 Plasma Injection Skin Therapy

Rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of your skin with Factor 4 Plasma Injection Skin Therapy

Factor4 is a highly concentrated blood plasma that contains four times more growth factors than any blood-rich injection product or treatment available. Factor4 works by:

  • Slowing down the signs of ageing
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening, brightening and repairing the skin
  • Regenerating new skin tissue

Is Factor4 a good fit for you?

Factor4 is a highly concentrated plasma formulation which is created from a patients own blood. By utilising your own skin cells, the Factor4 treatment is able to regenerate new skin tissue with even skin colour and smoother texture to reduce wrinkles.

This transformative treatment is minimally invasive and proven to produce visible results just 3-4 weeks post treatment. If you’d like to learn more about Factor4 Skin Regeneration then download our FREE Information Pack or contact The International Centre for Cosmetic Medicine today.

Four Factor4 treatments plus all products for $2490.