Neck Lift

Neck Lift (Platysma Plication) Sydney

A neck lift is a surgical procedure performed to improve the appearance of the neck by reducing the loose sagging skin. This procedure usually takes two to three hours, but the time may differ accordingly if other surgeries such as liposuction, face lift, brow lift are performed along with the neck lift.

The neck lift is used to correct sagging skin, or “turkey neck”. It creates a more well defined angle between the underside of the chin and the top of the neck.

FAQ: Neck Lift (Platysma Plication) Sydney

Platysma Bands are the prominent vertical folds of skin on the front of the neck that develop due to the separation and thickening of a thin neck muscle known as the Platysma. We have a platysma muscle on each side of the neck, which stretches from the clavicle (collar-bone) to the upper face. As we age, the left and right sides of the platysma muscle tend to separate in the midline and lose tone and elasticity.

Platysma Plication is a procedure in which these two muscle ends are sutured back together.

A personal consultation with your surgeon is the first step for any patient considering neck lift surgery. We will assess your physical and emotional health, discuss your aesthetic goals  and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Issues you should be prepared to discuss during consultation are:

  • All medical conditions, both past and present
  • Current medications, including nutritional supplements and herbal remedies
  • Past surgeries
  • Other treatments you have received

A small incision is made, well hidden under the chin, to access the platysma (neck muscle). The free edges of the muscle are stitched back together and tightened so that the muscle can return to its ‘sheet like’ shape. Some excess skin may also be removed and the incisions are closed using sutures.

The neck lift procedure is often performed together with neck liposuction, and/or as part of a larger face lift procedure. However, it can be just as effective as a stand-alone procedure. This is however, largely  dependent on the patient’s individual circumstances.

Although thousands of people undergo neck lifts each year and experience no major complications, all surgical procedures do carry some degree of risk. It is important you are well informed of these risks when considering a neck lift.

The discussion of potential risks and complications is one of the most important aspects of patient consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss these potential complications with you, listen to your safety questions, and offer recommendations on how to minimise your chance of risk.

You will be issued pre-operative instructions immediately after you make your decision to proceed. It is important to read and understand these instructions when preparing for neck lift surgery in order to ensure the best possible results.

Those instructions may include:

  • Refraining from smoking for several weeks before and after surgery
  • Avoiding certain medications
  • Arranging for help following surgery, such as transport and in-home care for the first 24 hours
  • Taking the herbal medication Arnica for reducing post procedural bruising and recovery time. We recommend that it should be taken daily for at least five days before your treatment day. It is available over the counter through most pharmacies and herbal food stores.

Oral sedation, local anaesthesia, inhalation anaesthesia as well as twilight (intravenous) sedation may be used to eliminate any pain or discomfort during the neck lift procedure.

Patients have the opportunity to discuss their anaesthetic options with the doctor prior to the surgery.


Neck lift surgery is great for recovery as the swelling settles down quickly, usually within 1 – 3 days. It is easy to hide any signs of surgery by wearing a scarf.

Most patients are able to return to light activities within a day or two after the procedure. We advise our patients not to participate in strenuous physical activity for at least three weeks. Scars are very well hidden and continue to fade over time. Occasionally, patients experience hardening under the neck although this normally will resolve itself over 6 months and is not visible.

At ICCM neck lift procedures start from $6,500.